KOH COCONUT VIVALOE NOYU Bessie Byer Explorer Heartfelt CAPO Our Koh Coconut Water is all natural and pure.
One ingredient does it all! Made from only 100% pure fresh coconuts.
The world’s best “Perfume Coconuts” are from Thailand.
The thin pericarp and shell of the Thai coconut makes for an excellent quality of coconut water and meat with a natural sweet taste and smell.KOH Coconut Water is great after a long run, a workout or a simple walk.
KOH Coconut Water goes well with meals like BBQ’s, spicy foods, or any ethnic foods from around the world. Also, it’s easy to mix with other drinks. The perfect drink to cool you down. VIVALOE is nature’s healing beverage. The perfect drink for those passionate
souls who work hard and play hard—while enjoying every moment of a healthy life.
VIVALOE is one of the leaders with All Natural Aloe Vera Fruit Infusions. Sold in:
USA, France, Italy, UK, Taiwan, Australia and expanding rapidly!
VIVALOE offers Aloe Drinks that first and foremost TASTE GREAT but
using real aloe vera also makes it better for you!
No Artificial Flavors or Colors
No Powders or Gelatins
No Fructose or Preservatives
A World steeped in the Ancient Asian Tradition of Tea cultivation, Preparation and Enjoyment–made convenient for the Modern Consumer. NOYU Teas literally transport consumers to perfect Mist-Shrouded Hills and Lush Fields of Formosa Island where tea leaves are grown under ideal conditions and harvested at just the right moment. Taking this tradition to the next level, the tea Masters at NOYU infuse our Teas with Luscious Fruits and Honey in creative combinations which yield a product and taste sensation that far surpasses anything currently on the market. NOYU Teas…Take the Journey East.
Our brand story starts at the turn of the century, Byer Farms of New Jersey made freshly pressed juices from its own apple and fruit orchards and delivered them in horse drawn wagons in and around the Northeast.The orchards were run under the supervision of perfectionist Issac Byer, Bessie’s father, who believed that “things made simple were things made best.” After the orchards were sold at the onset of the Great Depression, the original recipes were preserved by daughter Bessie. Bessie Byer Nectars and Fruit Teas are a tribute to simple goodness.
Natural Explorer Cookies take your taste buds on a flavorful adventure to world famous destination. Enjoy a variety of flavors, each exquisitely baked with premium, imported ingredients. The world becomes a more delightful place when you are munching a Natural Explorer Orange, Chocolate or Matcha Gourment Butter cookies. Natural Explorer Cookies….Globally Delicious!!! Heartfelt Organic Cookies are the result of a mission we took to develop delicious and nutritious snacks. After working over 20 years with quality cookies from around the world we have gone organic with an exceptional cookie you re going to love.We started with the wholesome cookies of our childhood that Grandma would make from scratch, baking healthy ingredients into wonderful flavors.
Then we began by sourcing only the finest organic ingredients from around the globe: Premium Organic Dark Belgian and Peruvian Chocolate, Nuts and Seeds from South America, Cranberries from Canada, Butter and Oatmeal from the USA, Flour from Australia, and even Orange pieces from Japan! We are proud to present these delightful wholesome & organic cookies: Dark Chocolate Omega Nut, Orange Butter Crunch and Cranberry Oatmeal- plus, more to come.... Enjoy! CAPO CAFFE crafts its deluxe iced coffee in the rich Neapolitan style of Southern Italy with a blend of singularly superior Arabica beans grown on special farms in S. E. Asia. The bold creamy flavor with the smooth aftertaste comes from freshly brewing the uniquely harvested beans and bottling immediately to capture our premium CAPO CAFFE taste and quality.
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